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Anything that's out of the ordinary and doesn't exist, we can make it happen following the best development practices for WordPress.

WordPress Development → Customized Solutions

Today, WordPress is a framework in its own right, on the basis of which you can create any solution to enhance websites, as well as automate any process within the enterprise. It could be a CRM, an educational platform or even a complete point-of-sale billing solution. If you want a perfect solution, directly tailored to your needs and with no compromises, it's a good idea to consider this option. With custom development, you can tailor every detail to your unique requirements and business specifics.

What's more, developing a particular WordPress-based solution will take much less time than starting from scratch, and the large number of developers worldwide gives you the guarantee that you'll never be alone with your product, whatever the circumstances. It won't take long for a professional to understand the code and start working quickly, making this approach as scalable and cross-border as possible. Of course, the quality of the code itself is very important, and we take great care to ensure this when we develop out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

What's it for?

  • Development of atypical features on WordPress.
  • Creation of a unique template based on your design/prototype.
  • Integration of payment systems and third-party services.
  • Create your own CRM and/or customer space.
  • Automate company tasks and business processes.
  • Enhancing an existing WordPress website.
  • Creation of a new, feature-rich version of the website.

Who can benefit?

  • Online entrepreneurs, webmasters, marketing experts.
  • Small and medium-sized companies.
  • Manufacturing and service companies.
  • Startups and budding entrepreneurs.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Organizations operating in B2B and B2C sectors.
  • SEO specialists, marketers, etc.

As a result

  • Solving any task requested by the customer.
  • Full compliance of implementation with specified requirements.
  • Clean code that can be explained and understood by other developers.
  • Connection of necessary third-party services.
  • Connection of the necessary payment systems via API.
  • Easy-to-use interface for all user levels.
  • One month's technical assistance as a gift after project implementation.

Work stages

1. Initial Consultation

Identification of the customer's needs, objectives and desires, and discussion of possible solutions.

2. Planning & Strategy

Study of documents, determination of project architecture, resources and functionalities required.

3. Commercial Offer

Technical calculation and approval of development, implementation, training and other related services.

4. Development & Testing

Implementation of specification points, testing of all functionalities, modifications if necessary.

5. Implementation & Customization

Deployment of development code on a copy of a customer project or deployment of a new project, debugging and tuning.

6. Customer Tests

Additional review by the customer or his staff, to make improvements and corrections if necessary.

7. Solution Launch & Training

Deployment of the site on the customer's live server, access supply, supply of training documentation.

A Few Answers

To the most frequently asked questions
  • What projects are you working on with WordPress?
    We work on a wide range of projects, including corporate websites, blogs, content sites, online communities, customer relationship management systems, educational platforms and specialized solutions developed to meet unique customer needs. We're extremely interested in unusual projects that no one has created before.
  • Why choose WordPress for development?
    WordPress is a flexible and powerful framework that lets you create diverse and unique solutions. It supports scalability, security and integration with various third-party services. Its popularity and large community of developers give it long-term support and the ability to quickly adapt to changes.
  • Can I get a unique design for my WordPress website?
    Yes, we create unique templates based on your designs and prototypes. Our designers and developers work together to create an attractive, functional website that perfectly matches your needs and your brand.
  • What types of integration can you provide?
    We can integrate various payment systems, CRMs, analytics tools, marketing automation services and other third-party systems via APIs. Our aim is to ensure that all elements of your website operate correctly. In some cases, complex integrations without APIs are possible.
  • How long does it take to develop a custom solution on WordPress?
    Development time depends on the complexity of the project and your specific needs. On average, development can take from a few days to several months. We will provide you with a detailed project plan and schedule once we have discussed all the details. Implementation of the solution can also be divided into phases and carried out progressively.
  • How do you ensure the security of the solutions you develop?
    We follow security best practices when developing on WordPress, including regular updates, protecting against hacking, using reliable plugins and themes, and implementing server security. The security of your data and the stability of your website are our top priorities.
  • What are the advantages of custom development on WordPress?
    Custom development allows you to create a solution that fully meets your unique requirements and business specifics. You benefit from maximum flexibility and the ability to tailor every detail to your needs, greatly increasing the site's efficiency and user-friendliness.
  • How to start working with us?
    To start working with us, please contact us via the form. We'll set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs and objectives. Then we'll draw up a technical specification, reach agreement with you and start development.
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