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We believe in quality and individuality. And we take this into account at every stage of our work, from strategy to development. The many developments we’ve already made over the years enable us to implement the most precise, field-proven solutions in the shortest possible time. We don’t settle for less, and always create solutions that are best suited to the task, that simplify and improve workflow, and that deliver better results for our customers.
Artem SAVART, Founder
  • Programming

    Our programming expertise enables us to develop efficient solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    The structure of our sites and our editorial and content design principles contribute to successful search engine promotion.

  • Texts & Languages

    We create quality content, written in several languages by experts, to reach a diverse audience and maximize impact.

  • WordPress Development

    Creation of customized solutions for review sites, blogs, communities, content sites and large multi-purpose media.

  • Online Communities

    Launching, referencing, promoting and managing our own communities and those of our customers.

  • Content & Review Sites

    We’ve had our own niche sites generating traffic for years, and we’re constantly launching new projects.

  • Languages

    We love languages, and several members of our team are fluent in Russian, French, English, Ukrainian and other languages.

  • Radio & Podcasts

    Our founder is a regular contributor to Belgian radio RTBF with his war diary, and keeps a personal blog in French.

  • Advertising Agency

    We’ve brought together over 3,000 sites with more than 20 million visitors a month, and sold native advertising.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    We discovered with this type of business the site model that suits us best: review sites, filled and monetized automatically.

  • Plugins for WordPress

    For our content sites, we create extensions to get more results, and little by little it has turned into a business.

  • Blogging

    20 years ago, our founder created his first blog on SEO, which helped him become an online entrepreneur and developer.

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Our Services
To simplify your work and boost your results
  • WordPress Development
    Anything that’s out of the ordinary and doesn’t exist, we can make it happen following the best development practices for WordPress.
  • Website Creation
    Content sites, online communities, expert blogs, review sites and aggregator platforms: this is what we prefer to do and what we do the best.
  • Site Maintenance
    Having a website is like having a baby: to keep it healthy and strong you have to look always after it and make sure it’s safe. We do it for you.
  • Soon
    Voice-over for Sites
    People are reading less and less, and text-to-speech technology is a new trend, helping them to understand a site’s content better.
  • Soon
    We professionally populate websites with content that is highly ranked by search engines and passively generates organic traffic.
  • Soon
    Website Translation
    We offer a complete service of website translation: from multilingual implementation on your WordPress site to full content translation.
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